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一般英会話スクール English School Adults
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一般英会話スクール / テスト
Q1. How are you?
A It's fine. C How are you?
B I'm fine. D You are fine.
Q2. Where's my pen?
A Here is it. C Here you are.
B This. D I have a pen.
Q3. John ______ Jennie.
A don't like C likes
B is like D like
Q4. Peter and Tom are doing ______ homework.
A his C our
B they're D their
Q5. I don't have ______ money.
A some C any
B no D a little
Q1. ______ you like some tea?
A Do C Can
B Would D Are
Q2. go - went; work - worked: choose - _________
A choosed C chose
B choice D chosen
Q3. Jack's not here right now. He'll be back ______ 10 minutes.
A after C later
B for D in
Q4. You have a DVD player, ______ ?
A haven't you C isn't it
B don't you D aren't you
Q5. Wine ______ in France.
A made C has made
B being made D is made
Q1. There ______ three office meetings this month already.
A have had C had been
B have been D are
Q2. His mother was ______ with her birthday present.
A delighting C delighted
B delightful D delight
Q3. Replies should be sent by fax ______ email.
A even C either
B also D or
Q4. Tom broke his foot ______ skiing
A while C in
B during D for
Q5. I didn't know the word, so I looked it ______ .
A in C up
B out D over
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