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日本語学校 Japanese School
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Simon Bull
John McGraw
Simon Bull
If you want to make life in Japan more enjoyable and a more worthwhile experience than I would highly suggest studying Japanese. If you want to study Japanese then there is no better place than Oasis Japanese School.
Since coming to Japan with no Japanese experience I can now feel a lot more comfortable in my daily life and to communicate in daily tasks needed to survive in this busy city.
The teachers are fantastic, the staff are friendly and the classes are challenging but fun, what more can I say... Join Oasis Today!!!
John McGraw
It's a basic truth and yet so many people seem to forget it ? when living in another country, it really helps to know the native language. When I first arrived in Japan I only knew a few words and I couldn't read anything. All of the simple things I took for granted back home ? going to a restaurant, getting a video membership ? required hand gestures and pointing at pictures, and sometimes that just didn't work. Since coming to Oasis, not only have I learned how to handle basic transactions, I can also have conversations in Japanese with my native friends and coworkers. And the staff are extremely friendly and helpful; they even helped me find a few good bookstores.
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