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英会話講師 Susan 先生
Hello, my name is Susan and I'm a teacher here at Oasis. I first came to Japan in 1995 for my brother's wedding, and soon after I came to stay. I worked in Fukushima for a while and then came to Saitama. I love teaching, especially teaching Japanese students. I'd love to meet you so why don't you come on in!
英会話講師 Chris先生
Hi, I'm Christopher, but everybody calls me Chris. I'm from natural Vancouver, Canada, a city that welcomes many Japanese tourinsts & students. I've lived for 9 years in Japan, including beautiful, natural Iwate! So, of course I love Japan! My favouriteJapanese food? Hmm....probably Yakitori!
英会話講師 Andrew先生
Hi, I'm Andrew and I'm from New Zealand.
I came to Japan in December 1991 and have tought at many Japanese Universities and Companies. I want to help you improve your English abilities in a natural and fun way. So come on in for a Free trial lesson and a coffee! I llook forward to seeing you here very soon!
英会話講師 Frances先生
My name is Frances. I have been associated with Oasis Language School for a long time. I come from Melbourne, Australia and have been living and teaching in Japan since 1999. I love travelling and have been to many places in Japan, as well as many countries. I quite like adventure holidays but relaxing at an Onsen is great too!!! Recently I started swimming re-training and my dream is to surf one day!!! I live locally so if you see me around "don't be shy" please say hello. :)
講師紹介 / 一般英会話スクール講師
日本語講師 Ayako先生
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